Other Information
Sidcup and District U3A
Can I attend a meeting without joining Sidcup & District U3A?

You can attend one general meeting at the New Community Church, 24 Station Road, which always takes place at 2pm on 3rd Thursday of the month. Once there, please speak to the Membership Secretary.

Can I attend a group without being a member?

In general, no, but a group leader may exceptionally allow a trial attendance if there is a vacancy. See the current Newsletter.

How do I become a member?

Please either contact the Membership Secretary by email using the "Contact Us" menu button above, or attend a general meeting. (Aim to arrive at about 1.30pm).

How do I join a group?

Once you are a member of Sidcup & District U3A you will get a copy of our annual membership Booklet which contains group leadersí contact details. The monthly Newsletter lists those groups with vacancies. You may join as many groups with vacancies as you wish for the same annual membership fee. Both the Booklet and the current Newsletter can be downloaded from this website.

What can I do if I canít find a group to join?

If no group that specialises in your interest exists yet, or it is full, you are welcome create a new one and advertise it in the Newsletter and on this website to attract new members. Any member may create any number of new groups and join any number of groups that have vacancies

Where and when do the groups meet?

Various places ranging from members' houses to theatres, stations and car parks depending upon the activity. Groups normally meet monthly or weekly or as determined by a group leader or the time of a professional performance.

Is there an age restriction on joining?

No. We are open to all those no longer in active full-time employment; all you need is the ability and time to take part in your chosen activity which could be any day of the week.

Does the U3A run classes?

No. We meet in self-help groups and learn from each other. No qualification or expertise is required to join a group unless specified by the leader - eg. not for beginners. No certificates are issued - you simply belong to a group for as long as it pleases you.

Are the tutors qualified?

We never use tutors, but the group leader may have some expertise or experience in the subject. Courses and seminars are organised by the Third Age Trust - in effect, our head office - and details are available from their website.

You are different to other U3A branches I have looked at. Why?

Each U3A branch is allowed to decide exactly how it organises itself. All paid-up members are eligible to be nominated for election to the Committee at the AGM in March.

Where are you?

See map below. Bus numbers 51, 160, 229, 233, 269, 286 and 492 pass our door. Buses 321, B14 and R11 also pass near by. We are less than half a mile from Sidcup Station.